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What is the Most Common Legal Issue Faced by Oklahoma Businesses?

Oklahoma business transactions involve contracts — whether with customers, vendors, contractors or employees. Since a misunderstanding of contract language can place a business at a severe and costly disadvantage, all businesses should seek experienced legal support before entering into a contract — even when form contracts are available online. Every transaction between a business and […]

What Do I Need to Know Before Allowing a Gas or Oil Company to Lease my Property for Drilling?

Unless you have extensive experience negotiating oil and gas leases, you need to retain an attorney who understands the complex Oklahoma and federal laws governing them. Without skilled legal representation, you can lose valuable rights — or even run the risk of breaking the law. The laws pertaining to oil and gas leasing extend well […]

Handling Contract Disputes

Business deals usually begin with high hopes.  Each party to a contract enters into the agreement after deciding that its advantages outweigh any disadvantages.  However, no contract is perfect and over the course of business dealings, disputes can and often do arise. What is the best way to handle a contract dispute? Direct discussions. If […]


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