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Legal Matters Involving Oil & Gas Companies in Tulsa

Developing energy resources across America

Oil and gas companies are responsible for the exploration, procurement, transport, purchase, sale and usage of energy. Every link in the process is vital to the functioning of every aspect of Americans’ lives — from the comfort of an individual household to the advancement of a community’s economy. Our team at Eller & Detrich has represented oil and gas companies, midstream operators and landowners in all aspects of their business operations, acquisitions, finances, transactions and disputes.

Purchase and sale of properties

We can assist you in the purchase or sale of producing oil and gas properties, natural gas processing plants, pipelines and gathering systems. In that connection, we can assist you with effective due diligence investigations. We deliver timely and accurate oil and gas title opinions.

Terminal and midstream facilities

Oil and gas are moved across America and require precise coordination at every stage of their transport. Our attorneys handle issues involving midstream facilities covering thousands of miles, spread across the country. We can effectively assist you in matters concerning pipelines, gathering systems, processing plants, terminals and other facilities that affect the efficient, effective and safe delivery of energy from source to destination.

Negotiating oil and gas contracts

Our energy lawyers negotiate agreements that cover your business operations and growth, and we draft contracts that clearly reflect the terms of your arrangements involving such issues as:

  • Natural gas processing plant construction and operation
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Operating agreements
  • Gathering, purchase and sale, throughput, transportation and distribution agreements
  • Tank lease and terminaling agreements

Our oil and gas lawyers represent midstream owners, exploration companies and landowners during oil and gas lease acquisitions and right-of-way negotiations.

Representing wind, solar and alternative energy companies

Our Tulsa attorneys represent companies involved in every aspect of developing alternative energy sources. We advise you on vital issues affecting your company, such as:

  • Site control
  • Lease and easement agreements
  • Permitting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tax incentives
  • Contractual agreements
  • Financing and loans on projects

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