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When Can I Terminate the Residency of a Senior in My Oklahoma Assisted Living Facility?

An important part of the licensing application process for an Oklahoma senior housing facility is providing a description of the services you plan to offer, along with admission criteria for new residents. Barring emergency needs, these specifications should also identify situations when you can terminate residence. The unfortunate truth is that the level of care […]

Can Creditors Initiate Bankruptcy Proceedings Against a Borrower Who Defaults on a Loan?

Creditors cannot typically force consumer bankruptcies. However, they can take action against businesses in Oklahoma by filing an involuntary petition for bankruptcy. Involuntary bankruptcy actions work differently from those initiated by the debtors themselves. According to tips offered by the United States Department of Justice, creditors can file only under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 […]

Can Tulsa Lenders Change the Terms of Financing Agreements Before Disbursing the Funds to Borrowers?

Once the lender and borrower sign off on a financing agreement, neither party can change the terms — unless the agreement provides for certain changes, such as specific interest rates. Any lending business can easily face potentially costly litigation by later refusing to proceed with the loan, or by changing the terms. The legal issues […]

What Issues Can Prevent an Effective 1031 Exchange of Property in Oklahoma?

Owners of business real estate, or real estate investors, can potentially defer taxes when they enter into a 1031 exchange agreement with another owner rather than selling outright. However, in addition to the provisions of Oklahoma real estate law, strict tax laws apply to these transactions. To gain a better understanding of the regulations and […]

Do Oklahoma At-Will Employment Laws Allow Employers to Terminate Workers for Any Reason?

Theoretically, employers and employees can end their work relationship for any reason. However, both state and federal laws prohibit termination in many specific situations. If you believe your employer wrongfully terminated your employment, an experienced Oklahoma employment lawyer can help you understand your rights, and identify any legal options available to you. In a discussion […]

What Legal Options Do I Have When an Oklahoma Health Insurance Company Denies my Claim?

Many health insurers deny claims based on a lack of coverage in the policy. You have the right to request an internal appeal by your carrier, and there are other options you can pursue. However, you might first want to seek advice from an Oklahoma insurance lawyer who can assess your concerns, determine your best […]

Can My Tulsa Business Obtain Dedicated Legal Support Without Hiring an In-house Attorney?

Legal issues can arise on a daily basis for most businesses. Those issues typically involve specialized areas of business law. Unless your business can afford to hire a separate Tulsa business lawyer for each area of business law, it is worth retaining a law firm that has multiple attorneys who can work together to provide […]

What Legal Issues Do Wind Power Developers Face When Entering into Wind Energy Agreements?

The apparent simplicity of generating electricity from the movement of a wind turbine may lead people to believe that wind power developers face relatively few legal issues. However, the process of converting any alternative energy source into power entails many of the same issues involved with more traditional power sources, such as oil and gas. […]

Can I Set Up My Estate to Protect My Heirs from the Oklahoma Probate Process?

Total avoidance of probate difficulties is hard for most individuals to accomplish. However, it is possible to substantially reduce the effect that probate can have on the inheritance of loved ones. You do not need a large estate to benefit from the advice of an experienced Oklahoma estate planning lawyer when planning for the future […]

What Legal Issues Do I Need to Consider When Buying an Existing Tulsa Business?

When purchasing an existing business, you must conduct thorough research to gain a full understanding of what you are really acquiring. Depending on the deal structure, you can acquire the existing real estate, physical assets, intellectual property and customer base. You can also acquire unexpected debts, taxes and legal issues. An experienced Tulsa business lawyer […]


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