What Legal Options Do I Have When an Oklahoma Health Insurance Company Denies my Claim?

Many health insurers deny claims based on a lack of coverage in the policy. You have the right to request an internal appeal by your carrier, and there are other options you can pursue. However, you might first want to seek advice from an Oklahoma insurance lawyer who can assess your concerns, determine your best options and advocate on your behalf, as needed, with your provider.

Any insurance company denies claims for injuries or health issues not covered in a policy. For example, insurance companies typically deny claims for elective cosmetic surgery. They may also unfairly deny cosmetic surgery claims, even when medical necessity exists. When an appeal fails to straighten out claim denial issues, you can ask the Oklahoma Insurance Department to initiate an external review process to help resolve the dispute.

Insurance claims adjustors can make obvious errors that you can resolve with a simple phone call. For more complex matters, though, an insurance company is likely to take your appeal more seriously if they receive a call from an experienced Oklahoma insurance attorney who has read your policy and is prepared to represent you. You can save significant time and stress by resolving your claim dispute quickly, without involving the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

The law firm of Eller & Detrich has more than three decades of experience supporting individuals and businesses in many aspects of insurance law. We have the detailed knowledge of policy drafting and interpretation that is needed to accurately assess coverage issues, and to get valid claims back on track. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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