What is the Most Common Legal Issue Faced by Oklahoma Businesses?

Oklahoma business transactions involve contracts — whether with customers, vendors, contractors or employees. Since a misunderstanding of contract language can place a business at a severe and costly disadvantage, all businesses should seek experienced legal support before entering into a contract — even when form contracts are available online.

Every transaction between a business and another party can constitute a contract, whether written, oral or implied. Title 15 of the Oklahoma Statutes contains nearly 200 pages of regulations governing every imaginable aspect of contracts, including:

  • What parties are permitted to enter into contracts
  • What constitutes a valid offer
  • How contracts are created
  • The obligations of parties
  • The handling of breach of contract issues

Even companies within the same business area have individualized goals, needs and methods of operation. For example, one company may benefit by hiring full-time employees, even if it means facing payroll taxes and the cost of providing benefits. Another company, on the other hand, may prefer the flexibility and lower cost of retaining contract workers on an as-needed basis. An experienced Oklahoma business law attorney keeps a business’ specific interests in focus to help it make the right choices and enter into contracts that reflect its specific needs.

The law firm of Eller and Detrich, has more than three decades of experience helping protect the relationships between commercial clients and the entities with which they do business every day. Contact Eller & Detrich to learn how we can help.

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